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Welcome to the home of piano practice rooms on MusicWise. Please enter your location to see the piano practice rooms near you. Here is a useful link if you would like to skip forward to piano practice rooms in London. Alternatively you can browse for piano rehearsal rooms below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A piano practice room is a soundproofed music space to play the piano. The quality of piano rooms is generally high and you should expect to find an upright piano in an intimately sized room.
Piano practice rooms are generally priced between ?8 and ?14 per hour. This is of course dependent on the location of the piano practice room, the piano in the room, the size of the room, and the additional features. There is often an additional fee for filming in piano practice rooms and if you intend to practice with other musicians such as stringed instrument players.
You can easily book piano practice rooms on MusicWise. Simply enter your location on this page and we will show the piano practice rooms near you. Once you have found a piano room that meets your requirements you can contact the studio directly by calling them or by submitting a booking request. The studio will respond to you directly to confirm your booking.
Most piano practice rooms accept payment on arrival, however in some rare cases you can pay online or over the phone. We are working to enable online payment for all of our music rehearsal studios, and will let you know when this happens if you sign up to receive our newsletter.
You can cancel your booking by simply phoning the studio or by responding to the email which they sent you to confirm your booking. Please try to cancel your booking as far in advance as possible. Some piano practice rooms will require a deposit to book and some will charge for late cancellation of your booking.
People often want to film in piano rooms especially those which have grand pianos in them, so this isn?t an unusual request for the piano practice studio. Please detail that you would like to film in your booking request form so the studio can prepare and give you a quote. You can use the filters on our results page, if you enter your location, to see piano practice rooms which allow filming.
You can play with other people in piano practice rooms in most studios but please ask the studio when you are making your booking. Generally they will expect one pianist to arrive, this is why is it is important to let them know in advance. Studious come in different shapes and sizes, and of course many piano practice rooms will be too small to host other musicians. This is why it is important to contact the studio in advance to let them know.

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