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Hi there 👋🏼 Welcome to MusicWise, the home of piano practice rooms in London. Below you will find the best piano rooms in London. If you would like to filter by price, location or the type of piano available, you can do so easily by using the filter on this page. Here are some useful links if you would like to skip forward to piano practice rooms near me, and grand piano practice rooms in London.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We find that pianists most commonly like to book intimate piano rooms with an upright piano. Unsurprisingly, those in Central London are booked more often than those further out of the city. Finding the right piano practice room for you of course depends on your requirements. Beyond the price and the location, most pianists come to us already knowing the type of piano they would like to book, whether it is an upright, and electronic keyboard or a grand piano. Grand pianos are generally booked in preparation for performances or if the session is being filmed.
The key difference between piano rooms in London is the type of piano available. The main types are upright pianos, electronic keyboards and grand pianos, which includes baby grand pianos. We find that the condition of pianos in rehearsal spaces in London is good. On the whole piano room rental spaces are small in size, which gives a private feel to them. Schott Music London is the most popular studio on MusicWise for this type. However, studios such as Craxton Studios provide an excellent alternative if you are looking for a larger space to play with other musicians and if you would like to film your session.
If you are looking to book typical piano practice rooms in London with an upright piano you should expect to pay around £10 per hour. This of course increases if you are booking larger grand piano practice rooms in London. There is often an additional fee if the room is being used for an exam, a lesson, or if the session is being filmed. If you are looking to save some cash then don’t forget that there are many pianos available to practice on for free in stations across London, as long as you don’t mind an audience!
Many piano practice rooms in London allow you to film. It is best to make it clear that you would like to film when you enquire. You will of course need to factor in how much space you need for the film crew and equipment, so check the dimensions of the rooms in advance. Typically we find that grand piano practice rooms in London are booked when people are looking to film, because grand pianos look so great! Our key piece of advice is to contact the studio in advance to ask about filming.
You’ve come to the right place! Here is a list of all of our grand piano practice rooms in London. You can compare them by price, location and any facilities and features you require. We hope you find the right thing for you.
In general piano practice rooms in London are booked by individual pianists for practice. Therefore, the studio will expect there to be one person unless it is stated otherwise. So you should contact the studio in advance to let them know that you plan to attend with other musicians. You should of course check the size of the piano rehearsal room in advance to ensure that you will all be able to fit! Not all studios accept more than one musician in a piano practice room so please be sure to check in advance.
If you would like to rent a piano room in London for regular use we recommend that you contact the studio to discuss this with them. They are very likely to welcome a regular booking, and you may get this at a reduced rate. However this largely depends on where the studio is located and subsequently how often they are booked. Please contact any of our studios to discuss this.
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