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Welcome to the home of rehearsal studios on MusicWise. To see all of the rehearsal rooms near you, simply enter your address in the field below. Alternatively, you can browse our music practice rooms by type, location and studio name from this page. Here are some useful links to skip forward to rehearsal studios in London, piano practice rooms, band rehearsal space and drum studios.

There are three main types of music rehearsal studios available for you to book on MusicWise: band rehearsal space, piano practice rooms, and drum practice space. Band rehearsal space generally comes with a full backline of equipment, including drums, guitar amps, microphones, and a PA system. Once you have chosen the type of music practice rooms you want and specified a location, you can filter the results by the equipment available, price, location, and facilities. We have done this to make studio booking easy, and to help you find the perfect music rehearsal studios!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A rehearsal studio is a rehearsal room in which to practice music, otherwise known as soundproof room hire or jam studios. Music practice rooms come in a variety of forms for different styles and requirements. The main types are band rehearsal space, which is generally a rehearsal room for three to five people. Band rehearsal space generally comes with what is called a backline, including a drum kit, guitar amplifier, bass amplifier, PA system and microphones with stands. The other main types of music rehearsal studio are piano practice rooms and drum studios. Piano practice rooms are generally small spaces containing a single upright piano for solo practice. Drum practice rooms are very similar, although for obvious reasons they have more soundproofing. If you are a drummer or you play with a drummer, make sure to check if the soundproof room hire provides what are called breakables, which is a term for cymbals and a snare. Many music rehearsal spaces will hire our breakables, but some don’t and expect you to bring your own.
Music rehearsal studios range in price but you can generally expect band rehearsal space to cost around £35 to £50 for a session of three hours. However, there are peak times and off-peak times. The hardest to book sessions at music practice rooms are weekday evenings, when demand is highest and a session can cost £60+. piano practice rooms are cheaper and generally charged by the hour. You can expect to pay anything from £10 - £25 for a piano practice room, depending on the location and the type of piano that is included. For example, grand pianos are unsurprisingly more expensive to practice on. Finally, drum practice rooms are in a similar price bracket to piano practice rooms, however you will rarely pay more than £15 per hour.
The three main ways to book music practice rooms are by phoning the studio directly, by sending the studio an enquiry, or by booking online if they support online bookings. Almost all of the music practice studios on MusicWise make their phone number available on our website, so you can phone them directly with any queries or to check availability. The way that most musicians book rehearsal space on MusicWise is by sending a booking request using the form on our site. This automatically sends a message to the studio, who will then respond to you directly. Some of our studios support online booking, and will send you a link to pay online, however the majority of music practice rooms will request that you pay on arrival by card or cash.
Rehearsal studios differ greatly and this really depends on what your needs are. However what is important to us in a music rehearsal space is ambiance. Nice low lighting to set a creative scene. Studios with good ambiance often have rugs and lamps and a ‘home’ feel. Other than that, the basic requirements for a band rehearsal space are a backline of drums, guitar amps, a PA and 1 - 3 microphones. What differentiates a great rehearsal rooms from the rest is the quality of the drum kit, including how recently the drum skins were replaced. The guitar amps should be good brands and in fine working order. The acoustics of the room are also important, however the importance of this often depends on the style of music you are playing. If you are looking to hire equipment such as cymbals or instruments, do your research in advance to find out what is available. You may also want to rehearse during unsociable house e.g. 12 midnight to 2am. Therefore you might want a music practice rooms with 24 hour access, where you access the studio using a code. Other things that are nice to have are a good kitchen to use during breaks, storage, good working air conditioning, and friendly staff!
To find rehearsal studios near you the best way is to use the location filter on this page to narrow down your location. You can enter your postcode or your town and the page will display all of the music rehearsal studios near you. We have also added a slider to adjust the radius, so if you would only like to see studios within 2 miles of your location you can adjust the slider.
Yes, here is a link to the piano practice rooms listed on MusicWise. You can choose from rehearsal rooms with upright pianos, grand pianos, baby grands and keyboards.
People often ask us if they can film in music practice studio, particularly in those which include a piano. Most studios are happy for this to happen and they state this on their studio page. If you have special filming requests you can contact the studio using the form on their page or by phoning them directly. In some cases the studio charges extra for filming to take place. Please respect the music rehearsal space’s policies and make it clear beforehand that you plan to film in the studio.
Most rehearsal studios have a cancellation policy. The policy differs between each studio, but you should generally expect that you can cancel your booking up to 48 hours in advance. Generally you can cancel up to 24 hours in advance and get some of your money back. Anything later than 24 hours in advance and you generally won’t be eligible for a refund if you have paid in advance. The cancellation policy of each music practice rooms can be found on their studio page.
Yes, here is a link to all of our drum studios. You can compare different studios to find the right drum room for you. Things to look out for are the drum kit available, whether you can hire cymbals, snares and pedals, and how long you can hire the room for.

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