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We're here to help you find and book the best recording studios in North London. North London is famed for its music scene, especially in areas such as Camden and Kings Cross. We find that there is a high concentration of music recording studios in North East London. Below we have listed all of the recording studios within a 5 mile radius of North London, and you can filter the results by the services offered by the studio, the styles of music that they work in, the equipment that they have, and the prices. We hope you find the perfect recording studio in North London!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly you will know the type of recording studio you require. Most recording studios service bands and artists looking to record music, however there are podcast recording studios, voice-over Studios, and drum recording studios. You can filter the results of recording studios in North London by the services that they offer, and by the type of studio. Secondly it is good to have your budget in mind from an early stage. You can use the filters on this page to see recording studios within your budget. Most recording studios in North London work with artists across a broad range of styles. However, you may like to find a recording studio that specialises in your style of music. Details of the style of music that a recording studio specialises in can be found on the studio page. Many studios also provide samples of the music they have produced on MusicWise, which is a good way of gauging whether a recording studio is right for you.
All recording studios are priced differently across a broad range of prices, however the average cost of a recording studio in North London is around £350 per day. So this should give you a good sense of what is premium and what is affordable. You can save money by booking 'dry hire', but bear in mind that this does not include a studio engineer and therefore you will need a level of expertise to use the studio effectively. Most studios will offer discounts for larger bookings and for repeat customers.
If you have found a music recording studio that you like in North London, then you simply need to send them an enquiry which you can do easily on MusicWise. Complete the quick contact form providing any details about your project. We recommend providing as much detail as possible about your project, such as your budget, the style of your music, when you would like to record, and even including any links to samples of your existing music. This will help the studio engineer gauge whether you are right for each other.
We are sorry to hear that you haven’t found the right recording studio for you in North London. We recommend as a first step that you broaden your search to all recording studios in London, and you can also see the recording studios in East London, West London, central London, and south London. We are adding new recording studios in London to MusicWise every day, and more and more musicians are using every day to book the recording sessions.
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