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Compare and book recording studios in London on MusicWise. Click on the studio listings below to see equipment information, pricing details, and contact information. If you ever need help booking a recording studio in London, you can call MusicWise on 02080998445 and we will be happy to help you.

You can use the filters on this page to find recording studios in London that match your budget, location, or equipment requirements. You don’t need an account to book recording studios on MusicWise, and we don’t charge booking fees. We are simply here to help you find the perfect studio for your project.

London has plenty of different recording studios for a wide range of budgets and styles. Some recording studios are best suited to smaller projects such as recording one song, whereas others require a minimum booking of two days for example. When you go to a studio page and click ‘Contact Studio’, you will see if the studio has any minimum requirements.

If you are looking for a specific type of recording studio in London you can jump forward to podcast recording studios in London, drum recording studios in London, and vocal recording studios in London.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a recording studio in a particular area you can skip forward to recording studios in North London, recording studios in South London, recording studios in West London, recording studios in central London, and recording studios in East London.

We hope you find a great recording studio in London for your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are trying to make it as easy as possible for you to find the best recording studios in London. On this page you can see all of the recording studios we have listed on MusicWise in London. You can filter these studios to find recording studios which specialise in a specific style of music, are located in a specific area in London, who have particular equipment that you’re interested in, or you can filter by the facilities that you require, for example disabled access. In terms of the best recording studio in London, this is really down to your preferences. We hope you find the perfect match for you.
Recording studios in London vary greatly in their prices. However you should expect to pay around £350 per day for a recording studio in London. Music studios can be much cheaper than this, and much more expensive. The price of a recording studio is determined by the reputation of the studio, for example if they have worked with prestigious artists in the past. Some studios have an enormous amount of expensive equipment available to use, and have large spaces which are acoustically treated to the highest standards, and therefore are more expensive.
We created MusicWise to make it easier for you to book recording studios in London. Once you have found a recording studio that is of interest to you, simply go to the studio page and press contact the studio. You then simply complete a 30 second form to send an enquiry to the studio. When you contact music recording studios in London it helps the studio if you provide as much detail as possible. Some recording studios in London only work in certain styles, and others only work for a minimum of three days per project for example. Therefore, when you contact a sound studio in London please provide as much detail as possible.
Most recording studios in London will work with artists at any level. There are some recording studios of course who only work with very established musicians, however almost all of the recording studios in London on MusicWise will work with artists of all levels. To reassure you, all of the music studios in London on MusicWise produce and record music to a very high standard.
You will find recording studios in all areas of London. Central London and particularly Soho is famous for the music industry and many of the commercial recording studios are located there. Many of these include voice-over studios in London, podcast recording studios in London, and commercial recording studios in London. However you will find music recording studios for artists across the city. There is a high concentration of recording studios in East London and North London, due to the high number of creatives and musicians in these areas. You can use MusicWise to filter music rehearsal studios by your location, to find the perfect music studio in London near you.
If you own a recording studio in London and would like to get listed on MusicWise simply click on the 'Contact' link at the bottom of this page to email us directly. It takes a short amount of time to get your studio live on MusicWise, so you can start reaching more musicians, get more bookings, and grow your brand among local musicians. We hope to work with you soon.

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