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Hi there, we made this page to help you find cheap recording studios in London. You'll find all of the recording studios with a day rate under £350 below. To give you an idea of what a recording studio in London costs, the average price is around £350 per day, with the cheapest being from around £200 per day. You can filter the results on this page by equipment, style, location, and facilities. In our Q&As at the bottom of this page there is some guidance on how to save money when recording. We hope you find something that works for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One good way to save money when you book a recording studio in London is by opting for dry hire. This is when a music recording studio in London is available to hire without the use of an engineer. This is a good way to save money however you will need the expertise to record your tracks. Much of the cost of a recording studio is for the skills and experience of the engineer. On MusicWise we are on a mission to list all of the recording studios in London. To help you find a good cheap recording studio in London you can filter results by their price per day. Another good way to save money when booking a recording studio is by bulk booking. As with many things, recording studios are cheaper the more you purchase. Therefore recording an entire album will often be cheaper per song than recording just one song.
Recording studios vary in price enormously based on a few key factors. The main factors are the quality of the equipment at the recording studio, the prestige of the studio, for example if they have worked with famous artists, and the location of the studio. Although the latter is a less influential point on price, because if a studio is prestigious then they will often charge higher rates and as a result with often be located more centrally. The most important thing is to find the right recording studio for your sound.
Many musicians set up home recording studios. However these require lots of investment generally. This is due to the amount of equipment that needs to be purchased to set up a home recording studio. Depending on your project, it may be worth booking a cheap recording studio in London, where in many cases you will gain access to a large amount of expensive recording equipment. We would always advise focusing on the quality of the album or single that you are releasing if possible.
Some studios offer finance to pay for your recording studio session. Some also allow for the fees to be paid in instalments. In almost every case recording studios require a deposit to be paid to secure the recording studio session, protecting them against losing money.
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