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Creation Studios

From £8.5 / hour · Camden, London

Creation Studios is a music rehearsal studio located in Camden, London. To contact or book Creation Studios you can send them a message directly on MusicWise. The team at Creation Studios will respond to your online booking request quickly within their working hours to confirm your booking or answer your question. We hope you have a great rehearsal.

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Open: 10:00 - 24:00

Opening its doors in 2014 as a newly renovated rehearsal space, Creation Studios is a boutique music studio in Kentish Town, in the heart of the London Borough of Camden. ? Five minutes' walk from the Camden Town Tube, our music space respects and admires the diverse and musical history of the area,?with its many bars and clubs. ? Creation Studios prides itself in being a small local business which supports music of all genres.


Guitar Amps
Bass Amps
Drum Kit
Upright Piano
Keyboard Stand
Drum Breakables

The room is equipped with a?backline that is well looked after.? Al, the owner, is an active musician and electronic?technician who ensures all the equipment and speakers are always running properly. ? The space includes three Mackie active speakers, giving you a power of 1350 Watts RMS so that you can truly hear your vocals above the instruments ? ? The full valve guitar amplifiers give you a real professional sound and feel during your time at the studio? ? ? The rehearsal room is acoustically treated and isolated, so that loud sound in the room is still pleasant and easy to listen to. You?won't hear any sound coming from outside to interfere with your rehearsal. With only one rehearsal room, Creation gives you the peace and silence to hear only your own music in detail ? ? The rehearsal room has been fitted with a brand new high power (3.5kW) Mitsubishi industrial air conditioner along with a full refurbishment in late 2019 ? ? The vintage interior decor adds an inspiring touch to make your rehearsal more comfortable and relaxing ? ? The room has a comfortable capacity for 6 people




? 3?x Mackie SRM450 powered speakers (450 Watts RMS each) ? ? 1 x Soundcraft Folio F1 mixer 16-2 with 8 microphone preamplifiers ? ? 4 x Shure SM58 Microphones and Stands (We also normally have spare microphones) ? ? 1 x Full Valve Fender Hot Rod Deluxe guitar amplifier (40 Watts) with a 12" extension cabinet ? ? 1 x Vintage Valve Marshall JMP 70's valve head with a 4 x 12 Marshall cabinet (50 Watts) ? ? 1 x vintage valve Marshall Super Bass 100 Amplifier head with a 4 x 10 Marshall cabinet (100 Watts) ? ? 1 x Yamaha Stage custom drum kit (20", 10",12", 14") ? ? 1 x Yamaha Stage custom 14" snare drum ? ? 3 x Yamaha boom cymbal stands ? ? 1 x Yamaha hi-hat stand ? ? 1 x Yamaha kick pedal


· From £8.5 / hour

MONDAY TO FRIDAYS **10am - 6pm?** (per hour) Book at any time.?Just?ask?for your?preferred times and we'll try to?accommodate you. ?10.50

MONDAY TO THURSDAYS 6pm - midnight (per hour) Slots: 6pm-9pm, 9pm to 11pm, 9pm to 11:30pm or 9pm to midnight. ?16.50

FRIDAY EVENINGS 6pm - midnight (per hour) Slots: 6pm-9pm, 9pm to 11pm, 9pm to 11:30pm or 9pm to midnight. ?15.00

WEEKENDS 10am ? midnight Book at any time.?Just?ask?for your?preferred times and we'll try to?accommodate you. (per hour) ?12.50

BANK HOLIDAYS 10am - midnight Book at any time.?Just?ask?for your?preferred times and we'll try to?accommodate you. (per hour) ?12.50

SOLO BOOKINGS 10am - midnight Book at any day, any time. Please note: By special?appointment?only. (per hour) ?8.50

BLOCK?BOOKINGS You can book your rehearsal?at the?same time, every week, and?cancel?it?without charge ??as long as you give us 14 days?notice.

LOCKOUTS Please contact us for details.


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Covid Measures

To keep the premises safe for all our customers, there will be no entry to the studio to anyone who:

has not read this policy

has experienced any symptoms of the virus within the 15 days prior to the session.

has knowingly come into contact with anyone experiencing symptoms within the 15 days prior to the session without using PPE (personal protective equipment).

Due to social distancing there will be a maximum of 6 people per booking.

We strongly advise everyone to wear a face mask at all times where possible (extra masks will be available for sale at ?1 each). Perspex screens are available for singers and brass/woodwind players.

Fresh air is available inside the room through an extractor and passive vent system.

Please observe social distancing by waiting upstairs outside the building maintaining social distancing until the studio is ready and one of our personnel invites you in.


Booking & Cancellation

Before making the booking the client must verify 1, 2, and 3, for each member due to attend the session.

After making the booking if 2 or 3 occurs then the client should either cancel the booking immediately (at no charge) or exclude that member from the session.


Upon entering the studio

Upon entering the studio our personnel will be checking 1, 2, and 3, with each individual, and:

Checking everyone?s temperature with our infra-red thermometer, and

Making sure they sanitise their hands using the hand sanitising station at the entrance.

Use of the studio

Maintain social distancing where possible.

Sanitise your hands regularly using the stations provided.

Brass players must empty spit valves into their own container and take this away with them when they leave.

During this time we are asking groups to take they own trash away with them.


Protection of our personnel

All our personnel will be trained in our Covid-19 policy measures.

Adherence to the risk assessment enables us to protect our personnel from Covid-19.

Sanitation of the studio between groups

Groups must understand that if there is a group directly in afterwards that they will be required to have completely left the premises 15 minutes before the end of their session to provide us time to clean up the whole studio ready for the next band to arrive, during which time we will:

Sanitise the microphones using a 100% alcohol dip and Sani-guard spray.

Sanitise the air using sanitising air spray.

Sanitise the equipment using sanitising spray.

Sanitise the door knobs and frequently touched surfaces using 70% alcohol solution.


Kentish Town Road and Royal College Street, London NW1 9PX, UK


You have a 24 hour cooling-off period from the time you make the booking to cancel, after which the full session fee applies. ? Cancellations should be made via voice-call or voice-mail.


Air Conditioning

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