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Welcome to our home for drum practice space. Please enter your location or allow MusicWise to see your location and we will list all of the drum practice space near you. We created MusicWise because we found that finding the right drum practice space was time consuming. So we created this page for you to find them all in one place. Once you have found the right drum practice space for you, you can request to book it through MusicWise. We hope you find the perfect drum practice space!

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Frequently Asked Questions

At any drum practice space you can expect the equipment to include the drum kit. However you may need to bring your own breakables, including drum cymbals, a drum pedal, and a snare drum. In some cases breakables may be available to hire from the studio. You should find details about this on the studio page for the drum practice space. You should check the studio page to see what kind of drum kits are available at the drum practice space. Some will have one drum kit and others will have a range available to choose from.
Drum practice space is generally cheaper than band rehearsal space, at around ?6 to ?10 per hour. The price generally depends on the location of the studio and the equipment provided.
Our mission at MusicWise is to help everybody play more music. Therefore we do not charge any booking fees to musicians - MusicWise is completely free for you to use. We make our money by charging a small fee to music companies who list their services on our website, to reach more musicians and grow their business.

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