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Guerrilla Studios

From £50 / hour · Cheetham Hill, Manchester

Guerrilla Studios is a music recording studio located in Cheetham Hill, Manchester. To contact or book Guerrilla Studios you can send them a message directly on MusicWise. The team at Guerrilla Studios will respond to your online booking request quickly within their working hours to answer your questions and discuss your booking. We hope that your recording goes well.

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Analog Music Productions at Guerrilla Studios. We offer traditional fully analog recording facilities for Bands, Recording Artists, Classical musicians, voiceovers and podcasts. When it comes to music we utilise only traditional reel to reel multitrack recording and vintage outboard hardware to produce an authentic recording experience and quality production. Making the magic of analog recording affordable and accessible to a new generation of artists while providing efficient workflow in an intimate and comfortable environment.


Analogue Hardware
Master Clocks
Microphone Preamp
Digital Converters
MIDI Controller
Headphone Amp
Reflection Filters
Pop Filters
Digital Audio Workstation
Audio Interface
Microphone Stands
Mixing Desk
Guitar Amps
Bass Amps
Drum Kit
Vocal Booth
Upright Piano
Monitor Speakers
Keyboard Stand
Drum Breakables
Music Stand

At Guerrilla Studios we utilise a vintage mixing console and multi-track reel to reel machine for that truly analog sound. No software or digital audio workstations are used during the recording process, only vintage hardware. Sessions are recorded direct to tape before being mixed down to a stereo master using only vintage outboard hardware. Only at the final stage being converted to a digital stereo master for digital distribution. Giving your production an authentic analog sound with a traditional recording experience and quality superior to that of a modern digital only recording environment.?

Equipment: Vintage 90?s Tascam M-3700 console Tascam MSR-16 Multi Track Reel to Reel recorder Outboard DBX 266xl Compressor Expander/Gate Dual Mono/Stereo DBX 266xl Compressor Expander/Gate Dual Mono/Stereo Alesis Midiverb 4 Dual channel Mono/Stereo multi effects processor? Lexicon Stereo multi effects processor? Rocktron Intellifex Stereo multi effects processor? Denon DN300R MkII Microphones? AKG P17 (matched pair - Small diaphragm condenser)? AKG P17 (matched pair - Small diaphragm condenser)? AKG P17 AKG P2 AKG P4 AKG P4 AKG P4 Rode NT1a (Large diaphragm condenser)? Rode M3 (Medium diaphragm condenser)? Rode NT3 (Medium diaphragm condenser)? Rode M5 (matched pair - 1\2? condenser)? Rode M5 (matched pair ? 1\2?condenser)? Shure PG56? Shure PG56? Shure SM58? Shure PG48? Shure PG58? Shure PG58? Thomann MB 85 Monitors: Audio Technica ATH M30x Headphone Monitors? Superlux by AKG Headphone Monitors x6 KRK Rokit 5 Active Control Room Monitors Mackie CR3 Active Desk Monitors? Yamaha 15? Passive Wedge Monitors x2? Behringer 12? Active Floor Wedge x2 10? Active Floor Wedge x2 LD Systems HPA4 headphone amp? Line-P 4 Headphone amp?

**Amps:?** Marshall Rack system: Marshall 9100 Valve amp MP1 Valve pre-amp Peavey TNT115 BW Bass amp? Peavey Rack amp? Trace Elliot GP7SM with DI unit? Ampeg Bass Cab? Ampeg Bass Head? Marshall 4x12a 1960a Stereo Guitar Cab?

**Drums:?** Mapex Horizon full kit in brushed aluminium finish 22, 12, 13, 16 plus snare? Mapex Horizon ii full kit in black wood finish 22, 10, 12, 16 plus snare? Assorted Paistie & Sabian cymbals

Why is analog better? There are two aspects as to why analog recording produces better results. The first is the recording process. In the digital realm its possible to have an unlimited amount of tracks and there?s no limit to what you can do with these tracks. While this seems attractive the lack of limits often results in a never ending recording process where you constantly fiddle, edit and add new tracks. The ease of editing also results in a lack of commitment to an idea as you can always change what you're doing at any point.?

With analog recording we don?t have these options. The limitations make the recording process simple and make artists commit to ideas early and see them through. This results in a much quicker and efficient recording process. Recording digitally enables artists to achieve a perfection which is unrealistic. A computer can take a performance and make it perfect, snapping every note to a grid and adjusting its pitch. This results in a sterile and unnatural product. Although technically perfect, it is impossible for a human to achieve and sounds unrealistic. Entirely removing the performance of the recording. In fact you could argue that this isn?t recording at all, as the final product isn?t a reproduction of a recording but an entirely fictitious creation. Whereas an analog production is the actual recording of the artist doing their thing.

The second aspect is the technology itself. Sound travels in waves and is captured and reproduced with diaphragms in microphones and speakers, just like in your ears. A computer converts sound waves into zeros and ones this is called a sample rate. This rate isn?t the entire sound wave, there are bits missing causing a digitally reproduced sound to seem thin and brittle. Analog technology captures the entire sound wave and reproduces it with only minimal degradation. This produces that big wide sound analog recording is known for.

The reel to reel machines also impart natural artifacts onto the sound which are pleasing to the ear. In order to physically squeeze the sound waves onto the tape. The tracks have to be compressed. This natural tape compression causes the production to meld together nicely and helps it sound punchy, in particular with reference to drums. The movement of the machine is also captured, this is called wow and flutter. This natural phenomenon is pleasing to the ear and when coupled with the background hiss of the tape, this gives the production atmosphere and depth.

So while digital recording is accessible and convenient the process itself removes everything that?s good about music. The natural human elements, the depth and atmosphere and the dynamic performance. All these aspects fill a recording with life that cannot be recreated in the digital realm. Not only is analog recording sonically superior. Its faster, more efficient and most importantly, its way more fun.


Recent clients include. Stoopid Buddy Productions, Sony Pictures, Adult Swim, Rubicon Films Sydney, Ideal Forgery, Asylum City Zoo, Mescina, Ascent, Standby Podcast, Savageers Podcast, and many more...


· From £50 / hour
· 3 hours minimum booking
· Minimum booking value: £149

Recording Full Day (All inclusive)

Read More 12 hr 599 British pounds ?599

Recording by Session (mixing included)

Read More 6 hr 249 British pounds ?249

Recording Mini Session

Read More 3 hr 149 British pounds ?149

Dry Hire

Read More 6 hr 179 British pounds ?179

Podcast Recording

Read More 1 hr 79 British pounds ?79

Voice Over

Read More 1 hr 79 British pounds ?79


Read More 1 hr 29 British pounds ?29

Digital Audio Mastering

Digital Audio Mastering Read More 1 hr 29 British pounds ?29


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Sherbourne Street, Cheetham Hill, Manchester M8 8HP, UK


Chill Out Space
Filming Allowed
Air Conditioning


All Styles Welcome
Hip Hop
Rhythm And Blues
Electronic Dance Music
Singer Songwriter
Drum And Bass

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