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The Chapel Studios

From £95 / hour · Wimbledon, London

The Chapel Studios is a music recording studio located in Wimbledon, London. To contact or book The Chapel Studios you can send them a message directly on MusicWise. The team at The Chapel Studios will respond to your online booking request quickly within their working hours to answer your questions and discuss your booking. We hope that your recording goes well.

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The Chapel Studios is a London recording studio specialising in recording, production, mixing, voice overs and mastering. The range of legendary gear, affordability and experienced staff makes The Chapel Studios in London the perfect place for your next project.

This recording studio in London has a creative and professional recording environment and boasts a range of state of the art equipment. It?s relaxed setting and efficient environment is located in Wimbledon, South West London, UK. The Chapel Studios is bespoke built and is a highly flexible music recording & voice over studio able to cater for a whole host of recording, mixing, engineering and mastering requirements.

Our London recording studios offer one of the most outstanding recording consoles available in the world today, the Solid State Logic Duality.

Our services include production, recording, mixing and mastering of commercial releases; voice-overs and audio to visual overdubbing, song-writing as well as music composition for TV adverts and scores for Hollywood films.

"Steve's expertise during the recording process of my album has been invaluable and his creative input has made a positive difference..."


Analogue Hardware
Master Clocks
Microphone Preamp
Digital Converters
MIDI Controller
Headphone Amp
Reflection Filters
Pop Filters
Digital Audio Workstation
Audio Interface
Microphone Stands
Mixing Desk
Guitar Amps
Bass Amps
Drum Kit
Vocal Booth
Upright Piano
Monitor Speakers
Keyboard Stand
Drum Breakables
Music Stand


  • SSL Duality 48 Channel Recording Console
  • Avid HDX 2, 512 tracks of Pro Tools
  • 5 x Avid HD I/O 16 x 16 AD/DA Converters
  • PrismSound ADA-8XR AD/DA Converter
  • Apple Mac Pro - 3.5GHz 6-core with 12MB of L3 cache
  • Patch Bay
  • Lexicon 960L Reverb
  • Bricasti Reverbs
  • Eventide H8000 Multi Fx Processor
  • Cranesong Ibis Mix Bus EQ
  • Manley Massive Passive Stereo EQ
  • API 5500 EQ
  • API 3124 Pre-amp
  • NEVE 4081 Quad Mic Pre-amp
  • NEVE 1073 Dual Mic Pre-amp
  • Avalon VT-737sp Channel Strip
  • NEVE 33609/JD Compressor
  • SSL G-Series Stereo Bus Compressor
  • API 2500 Stereo Bus Compressor
  • 2 x Universal Audio 1176 Compressor/Limiter
  • 2 x Empirical Labs Distressor (Stereo/Dual Mono)
  • Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveling Amplifier
  • Tube Tech CL-1B Opto Compressor
  • TC Electronic M6000
  • 50" Panasonic Plasma Screen
  • 1 x 21" and 1 x 18" NEC Screens
  • Audio/Visual sync facility
  • SansAmp Bass Driver Rack Unit
  • Reamp Unit
  • Roland RD-64 piano action piano/synth
  • Marshall JCM800 100-Watt Head
  • Fender Super Sonic 60-Watt Head
  • Vox AC30 30-watt head
  • Wireless Internet Connection - 400Mb
  • Lowden O35 and F50 Acoustic Guitars
  • Fender Collection ? Instruments, Amps & Effects
  • Yamaha Maple Custom Drum Kit and Zyldjian Cymbals


  • Neumann M149
  • AKG C12 VR
  • 2 x Neumann U87
  • 2 x Neumann KM184
  • 2 x Earthworks QTC40
  • 2 x Beyer 160 Ribbon
  • 2 x Coles 4038 Ribbon
  • 4 x AKG C414B
  • 6 x AKG 451
  • 4 x Shure A98D
  • Electrovoice RE20
  • 2 x Sennheiser MD421-II
  • Audix D1 and D6
  • 2 x Groove Tube GT33
  • 4 x Shure SM57
  • 2 x Shure SM58
  • AKG D542
  • SE Electronics SE3


  • DAW/Sequencers: Pro Tools HD, Logic Pro, Ableton Live Suite
  • Waves: Mercury Bundle, SSL 4000 Collection, Renaissance Bundle
  • SoundToys: All Soundtoys software including Echoboy, Soundblender, Speed, Filterfreak, PitchDoctor, PhaseMistress, PurePitch, Tremolator, Crystallizer
  • Sony Oxford: All Sony Oxford and Sonnox software including Dynamics, Trans Mod, Inflator
  • Spectrasonics: Omnisphere, Keyscape, Trilian, Stylus RMX
  • Native Instruments: Komplete Ultimate
  • Slate Digital: All Slate software including Trigger 2, FG-X, Virtual Tape Machine, Steven Slate Drums 4, RC Tube Channel, RC Mixbuss,
  • Antares: All Antares software including Auto-Tune, Filter, Kantos RTAS, Tube, Avox
  • Arturia: All Arturia software including Moog Modular V, Brass, Prophet V,Vox Continental V, Arp 2600V, V Collection 3
  • Synchro Arts: Vocalign, Revoice Pro
  • Izotope Audio Software and Plug-ins
  • PSP: Vintage Warmer, Vintage Warmer 2, Microwarmer, Pseudo Stereo, Stereo Analyser, Stereo Controller, Stereo Enhancer


  • 5 x Miller & Kreisel MPS2510-PK Speakers
  • 2 x Miller & Kreisel MPS2810 Subwoofers
  • 2 x Klein & Hummel 0300D
  • 6 x Yamaha NS10 Studio Speakers
  • 2 x Avantone MixCubes
  • 2 x Geithain RL906
  • Bryston 2B-SST Amplifiers
  • Bryston 2B-LP Amplifiers
  • 2 x AKG K812
  • Sony MDR 7509
  • Sennheiser HD600
  • 2 x Sennheiser HD25
  • 6 x Beyer DT150
  • 3 x Beyer DT100
  • 3 x Beyer 770 PRO
  • Danfield custom made 6 way Class A HP Amp


· From £95 / hour

From ?95 to ?150 / hour. Please contact the studio regarding your project.


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13 Crescent Gardens, Wimbledon Park, London, UK SW19 8AJ


Chill Out Space
Filming Allowed
Air Conditioning


All Styles Welcome
Hip Hop
Rhythm And Blues
Electronic Dance Music
Singer Songwriter
Drum And Bass

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