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Paddington Works Production

From £60 / hour · Paddington, London

Paddington Works Production is a music recording studio located in Paddington, London. To contact or book Paddington Works Production you can send them a message directly on MusicWise. The team at Paddington Works Production will respond to your online booking request quickly within their working hours to answer your questions and discuss your booking. We hope that your recording goes well.

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If you require a Studio Engineer, the cost is an additional ?35 for the duration of the session (not hourly).

We also offer our 'Membership' for those looking to become regulars & join our community.

Here's some tech specs:

The ?LIVE? Room:

Shure SM7B Podcast Microphones, Shure KSM42 Microphone, Rodecaster Pro (Podcasting Hardware) & a set of Audio Technica professional monitor headphones.

A vocal isolation booth and ceiling mounted podcast boom stands, Wall box with 10 XLR channels, 4 headphone channels, 1 HDMI + 1 CAT 6, Acoustically treated, Fully air conditioned, Circadian Lighting & a Philips air purifier.

The ?CONTROL? Room:

The powerful iMac Pro with an LG 5K monitor. Studio outboard has the clean sounding Apollo 16, a Motu midi express 128, Furman mains distributor, Focusrite Octopre, ART Head amp 6 Pro, Kahayan dual pre amp, 2 Signex patch bay.?

Also equipped with a Presonus faderport 16, a Presonus monitor station, a pair of Yamaha HS7 Monitors & another set of Audio Technica professional monitor headphones.

DAW/Software: Avid Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic Pro X & Adobe Audition with UAD Plugins.

All in an Acoustically treated studio, Fully air conditioned with Circadian Lighting & a Philips air purifier.

If you have any questions feel free to ask us!


Analogue Hardware
Monitor Speakers


Vince Cable (Former Leader of the Liberal Democrats), Ivan Kaye (Vikings), Jack Fincham (Love Island), New Wave Magazine, Elliot-James Langridge (Max Cloud / From Below), Rohin Francis (Medlife Crisis), Panos Mytaros (ECCO Leather), Sanj Surati (Tiger Heart), Sharmadean Reid (The Stack World), Samuel West (Notting Hill), Jamie Jewitt (Love Island), Voxly Digital, Fifth Eye, Wondr Medical


· From £60 / hour
· 1 hours minimum booking
· Minimum booking value: £60

All prices are excluding VAT


Fred Bloggs
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Paddington Works, 8 Hermitage St, London W2 1BE


We have a standard 24 hour hour cancellation policy, but we are human and understand that sometimes, things just happen!

Just let us know.


Twenty Four Hour Access
Air Conditioning
Chill Out Space
Disabled Friendly
Filming Allowed
Green Screen
Online Recording

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