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Iguana Studios

From £60 / hour · Brixton, London

Iguana Studios is a music recording studio located in Brixton, London. To contact or book Iguana Studios you can send them a message directly on MusicWise. The team at Iguana Studios will respond to your online booking request quickly within their working hours to answer your questions and discuss your booking. We hope that your recording goes well.

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Iguana is a London based music recording studio for audio recordings,?editing?and?mastering. We are located in the heart of?Brixton, one of the top spots for the music scene in London and in the UK. Our?recording studios?are comfortable and stylish, offering a friendly yet professional environment for bands, solo artists and musicians of all kinds wanting to record, produce, master and duplicate their music.

Services We provide many audio and multimedia-related services: - Live drum recording - Vocal recording, editing etc. - Producing demos or final masters - Full band sessions - Mastering and re-compiling music - Sound design - Post production services (5.1 surround mixing) - Sound to picture - Backing tracks/remixing - Duplication - Photograpy - Graphic and Web design

Studio 1 The large control room size and interconnectivity with the three live booths make studio one ideal for any live projects. You can record up to ten musicians separately and they can still see each other through the windows. This room though is also very capable of handling any type of music production requirement including MIDI, electronic music, sound to picture and so on.

Studio 2 This is the project studio where we brew the vibes. It's a great place to develop projects, work long hours writing, editing, recording vocals... While the outboard is somewhat more limited compared to studio1, you will still have access to the live areas as well as the full range of the microphones, Dis, amps etc...


Guitar Amps
Drum Kit
Upright Piano
Monitor Speakers
Analogue Hardware
Microphone Preamp
Digital Converters
MIDI Controller
Master Clocks
Headphone Amp
Reflection Filters
Pop Filters
Digital Audio Workstation
Audio Interface
Vocal Booth
Mixing Desk
Microphone Stands

Studio 1

Console CALREC S2 (analogue desk)

Hardware MiniMac with 2TB hard drive Antelopes Orion 32 audio interface TC Powercore Card- DSP booster Software Audio Logic 9 Pro Wavebourner pro Emagic and Powercore pluggings Monitoring Mackie HR824 active Yamaha NS10 Sony MDR-7509 (headphones) Beyer Dynamic DT250 (headphones) PreAmps Focusrite ISA 428 (x4) Mackie design (x12) 2 x Neve 1073 preamps

Outboard 2 x Universal Audio 1176 limiters Lexicon PCM91 reverb Roland JV1080 Nova analog modelling Roland SRV 330 Akai S3000 sampler Yamaha S3000 sampler And more...

An amp for every occasion

Studio 2


Mackie d8b console (72 channels) Hardware Mac G4 733 MHz/512Ram Digidesign Digi 001 16 I/O TC Powercore Card- DSP booster Software Audio Logic 9 Pro ProTools LE Wavebourner pro Emagic and Powercore pluggings Monitoring HHB Circle5 studio Tannoy Venus Mk2 PreAmps

Mackie design (x12) Outboard Roland JV1080 Nova analogue modelling synth Alesis Midiverb 4



  • Sennheiser MD421 (x3)
  • Neumann TLM103 (x1)
  • AKG C414s (x3)
  • AKG C3000 (x1)
  • Sennheiser e604s (x2)
  • Beyer dynamic M 201 TG (x2)
  • Audio-technica ATM33a (x1)
  • AKG C418 clip (x1)
  • AKG D112 (x1)
  • AKG D60 (x4)
  • Shure SM 57s, 58s?

On top of the equipment listed above artists can make use of many great?vintage instruments and amps.


Corporate Clients BMG Zomba Virgin EMI Sony Publishing BBC Ministry of sound Hip hop connection Sound on sound Platipus records BBC1xtra Choice FM Rewind mag FX rental Rock Garden New Age Magazine Resolution records Philippine Airlines One world music Decadance Telstar (?urve) music Just Music Troika Platform music Ballagan Theatre Company Bloom Inc Management Lion Music Sonique Music Brixton Academy Lion Vibes Mixnut productions Music Group productions ltd. Young Money Records Swarovski crystals

Bands/singers Basement Jaxx Cutaway Stewart Lane Akin Akinrujomu Brian Enobokhare Relentless Aliceband Susan Forsyth Mark Forde Amaziah Ape Stuff like that The Mighty 590 Soul Cypher Afrocat Carl Orr Ben Wainwright Boxshall Dan Parry Mondo Nuevo Everson Greene Paul neville John Gbla Michael Wright Rex Martey Sampson Brown Los Skeletones Troy Harewood Silver screen Lisa Cass Mad Curse Kraftsmen Telepaton Monster Munch Sofia Ruchuck Lion Haynes G Star Mary Orubusi Eddie Sounders

Marc Hodson Singing B Terry Fox Franklin Lloyd-Cobban Danny read Victor Ekueme John Davies Building Project Mark Smith Emma Burke Joe Legwabe Pearly Rock Miranda Barber Emily Barker Natalie Griffiths Djinn Anthony Gadd Tony Heiberg Quintet Louis Lema Brinkman Meerkat Population Explosion Mouthpiece Paul Harding Smart Nkansah Paul O'Kane BX Jake Fryer Dominique Okobi Arsene Dago Serry Andrew McCormick Azis Hidayat Lindsay Boyle Michael Wright The Unknown Vincent Bramble Plato's Republik Ritual Spongebath Twinkle Brothers Zoe and many more..


· From £60 / hour

Please contact us for recording rates.

Mastering rates

Iguana Studio offers a variety of mastering options. We have the capability to master in both the analogue and digital domains. Digital mastering jobs are all handled within one of our DAW, where all of the effects processing and final bouncing are done internally. We cover all formats and platforms and currently the softweres available are: Protools, Wavebourner Pro, Soundscape and Wavelab.

Analogue mastering is done using top-quality outboard processors, which includes the Tube Tech Multi Band Compressor, Prism MEA2 Stereo Equalizer and Prism ADA8 AES/EBU converter. The finished Analogue and Digital masters are printed onto a mastering-quality CD for further duplication or archiving.


Digital mastering ?38 per track mastered and ?30 for each mastered disc copy Per album (10 tracks)?350 including 1 master disc

Analog mastering ?95 per track mastered and ?55 for each mastered disc copy Per album (10 tracks)?575 including 1 master disc


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88A Acre Lane, Ferndale, London SW2 5QN


Disabled Friendly
Chill Out Space


All Styles Welcome
Hip Hop
Rhythm And Blues
Electronic Dance Music
Singer Songwriter
Drum And Bass

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