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London Voiceover Studio

From £60 / hour · Acton, London

London Voiceover Studio is a music recording studio located in Acton, London. To contact or book London Voiceover Studio you can send them a message directly on MusicWise. The team at London Voiceover Studio will respond to your online booking request quickly within their working hours to answer your questions and discuss your booking. We hope that your recording goes well.

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Come to London Voice Over Studio and we guarantee you:

  • The best value, most affordable, fully professional, dedicated voice over recording studio in London
  • A roster of professional voice over artists - giving you a one stop shop for all your voice over needs.
  • Producers who understand language and its nuances - and know how to record it
  • Advice and hands-on support during the production process - not an engineer who just presses the?Record?button
  • An experience that will make you, like most of our clients, want to come back for more!

Looking for a voice over recording studio in London? We offer simply the?best?value. Our prices start from ?50 per hour. This rate includes not only the best value?Voice Over Recording Studio, London but also a highly experienced producer/engineer and any extras such as voice to picture, ftp transfer, Skype, telephone or Source Connect patch and all editing. In addition, we have a roster of voiceover artists on tap, making London Voice Over Studio a one-stop-shop for all your voice over needs. London Voice Over Studio is a fully professional, high quality, dedicated,?London?based voice?over recording studio?located in a detached, commercial recording?studio premises in West London.? Equipped with the latest, industry-standard Pro Tools HDX,?we record voice over to?the highest standards -?at the keenest possible prices. The studio is owned and run by Simon Wilkinson, an experienced voice producer, voice over artist and London recording studio owner who's been active in the recording industry for over 25 years. Having recorded for clients including the BBC, BA, Disney, Grolsch, Habitat, Innocent, Pernod-Ricard, Samsung, Volvo, and many more, we are confident that you'll be more than satisfied with our knowledge and expertise, friendly?and professional approach, and broadcast quality production standards. Many of our customers are repeat clients. Once people discover the quality and amazing value we provide, they just keep coming back! And with consistent five star ratings for our voice over recording,?you can't go wrong.

What we do We record voice overs - for just about anything you can think of. We do this either in our voice over recording studio (London), which is housed in a self-contained and detached commercial premises in West London (W3), or on location.?

The air-conditioned control room is acoustically treated and also houses a state-of-the-art Pro Tools 12HDX system. It has natural light, a great vibe and is a genuine pleasure to work in. The custom designed, 2m x 3m recording booth is acoustically isolated - perfect for voice over - with the luxury of natural light, external ventilation and the space for several voice actors recording at once.?Everybody loves our booth - and the results we get from it!


  • Film:?ADR, Dubbing, Voice to Picture, Movie Trailer
  • Radio:?Documentary, Drama, Current Affairs, News
  • TV:?Commercials, Documentary, Drama, Narration
  • Video Game audio
  • Audio for Apps
  • Animation
  • Podcasts
  • Audiobooks
  • Audio Guides
  • Foreign Language
  • Script Proof Reading and Editing
  • Short run CD & DVD Duplication
  • A roster of voice over artists - one stop shop for voice-over
  • Corporate & Promotional Video Voice Over
  • Education:?e-Learning, CDs, Web-site content streaming
  • Marketing:?YouTube and Website Promo video/audio
  • Therapy:?NLP & Hypnosis CDs, Guided Meditation
  • Events:?Voice of God Announcements & Continuity
  • Interactive Voice Response and Telephone On-Hold Messages
  • Public Transport Announcements
  • Personal History & Biog recording
  • Post Production:?Audio Restoration, Clean-up, De-Noise
  • Direction via Telephone Patch, Skype or Source Connect Pro
  • Voice Reel production - create a new reel or add to one
  • British?English Male Voice Overs Artists
  • British?English Female Voice Overs Artists


Monitor Speakers
Mixing Desk
Vocal Booth
Audio Interface
Digital Converters
Microphone Preamp

Digital Audio Recording Equipment Avid Pro Tools HDX 24 bit 128 track system AvidHD I/O Pro Tools Digital Audio Interface M-Audio M-Track Plus?Digital Audio Interface Apogee Big Ben 196k Master Clock Digidesign C|24 Desk with Total Pro Tools Integration

Pre-amps Slate Pro Audio Fox Quadtone Dual Mic Pre-amp? Broadhurst Gardens No.1 Dual Mic Pre-amp Oram Octasonic Precision Octal mic pre-amp

Outboard Equipment Aphex Dominator II 720 Peak Limiter Audio+Design Compex 2 Compressor TC Electronics Finalizer+ & Master Fader TL Audio Stereo Valve pre-amp

Valve Microphones Neumann M149 Tube Mic with custom Vovox Cable Lewitt LCT 940 x 2 - a dual valve-FET pair - fabulous sound! Sontronics Helios Tube Mic

Condenser Microphones Sennheiser MKH 416 - a favourite with US Voice Over Studios 3-Zigma Master 4 x 10 Toolkit - classic FET mic emulations Audio Technica 4030 Large Diaphragm Capacitor Mic Rode NT2 Large Diaphragm Capacitor Mic Oktava MK-012 Capacitor Mics Matched Pair

Dynamic & Ribbon Microphones Sontronics Sigma Ribbon Mic (for a retro radio sound) Electrovice RE20 Dynamic - a US Voice Over favourite Heil PR-40 Dynamic?- another US Voice Over favourite Shure SM58 Dynamic

Monitoring & Playback Genelec 8040A and 7060B monitors Sennheiser & Beyer Headphones Custom built mid field monitors Avantone Cube Speakers Sonifex HY-02 Digital Telephone Patch Skype Patch into Studio & Recording Booth Technics SL-1200 turntable & DJ mixer Revox B77 Mk2 half track tape recorder Sony MDS-JE530 Minidisc Recorder Tascam DA20 Mk2 DAT

Computer Apple 8 Core Intel Xeon with 16Gb RAM 2 x Apple 4 Core Intel i7 with 16Gb RAM PC i7 Intel with 12Gb RAM PC Dual Core Intel with 4Gb RAM Apple Mac Mini 8Gb RAM iPad 4th Generation 64Gb RAM

Digital Audio Workstation We currently use Avid's Pro Tools HDX Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)?for all our voice-over recording, editing and processing. Why? The reason is simple. It's the industry standard for all professional post-production studios; that includes voice over facilities. There are several reasons for this:

  • Pro Tools is the most feature laden DAW available
  • Pro Tools 12 HDX now comes with the much faster off-line bounce - saves clients studio time and money!
  • Multitrack audio editing - applying edits to multiple tracks simultaneously - saves time
  • Workflow:?It is simply faster, easier, and more productive
  • Superb quality, dedicated hardware - both consoles and interfaces
  • The standard platform for recording ADR due to its video integration
  • Works on both Mac & PC - take your session to any?Pro Tools studio and it will load seamlessly

Audio Clean Up and Restoration We have a number of plug-ins that address the problem of sub-standard voice over audio recording which is brought into the studio by clients desperate for a fix. Pops, clicks, location recording noise, mains hum, mouth noises, plosive hits and breaths can all be intrusive. The Waves Restoration bundle (part of the studio's top Waves package, Mercury) includes the useful?Z-Noise, X-Noise, X-Hum, X-Click, and X-Crackle, and their De-Breath processor can certainly be a time saver. Izotope Nectar's Breath Control module can also be helpful as can Wave Arts Dialog.

However, we find the most useful software bundle by far to be Izotope's RX4 Advanced. This is really excellent at many aspects of audio clean-up, restoration and repair:

  • Dialog De-Noiser - restore problematic vocal recordings in real time
  • Spectral repair - visually isolate and remove unwanted sounds
  • Intelligent Leveler - sets levels to optimum gain, thus saving time
  • Loudness - ensures compatibility with international broadcast standards?
  • Ambience Match - matches the environment noise of recordings from different locations
  • EQ Match - matches the sonic differences of audio from different locations
  • Dereverb - removes unwanted reverb from recordings
  • Denoise -?Adaptive Mode allows fast, efficient audio repair on the fly
  • Declick & Decrackle - eliminate clicks, crackles, pops and digital impulse noises?
  • Hum Removal - eliminates electrical hum and line noise
  • Declip - can rebuild distorted audio, both analog and digital

Remote Session Direction For clients unable to attend sessions in person, we offer a very cost effective alternative to the usually expensive and outdated ISDN link-up. Remote direction via Skype and telephone is now an inexpensive or, using Skype, free option. Both our telephone patch and Skype link provide a direct live hook up to the studio engineer, other attendees and the voice-over actor. As communication is two way you can both monitor the session as it progresses and give feedback to the voice artist - just as you would if you were present in the studio. We've had telephone patch, Skype and Source Connect all running simultaneously to the USA, Canada and Europe without problem. For those on slightly higher budgets, we offer Source Connect Pro link-ups to suitably equipped studios around the globe at no extra charge. Both Source Connect and, to a slightly lesser degree Skype, produce generally excellent quality audio monitoring and are to be recommended over the lower quality standard telephone patch.?

Specialist ADR Software Want to make the ADR process as seamless as possible? When it comes to dialog replacement, it can sometimes be a challenge to replicate the timing, nuance and expression captured in the original location recording and then recreate it in a dubbing session. Revoice Pro can automatically and instantly transfer the timing, pitch, intonation or loudness features from one signal to another. This is perfect for syncing ADR. We unreservedly recommend this application for dubbing voice to picture.

Plugins Autotune,?Autotune-Evo,?AVOX 2, Harmony Engine Aural Exciter,?Big Bottom Pro AmpLion Pro, STAPhaser Almost All MB-7, Patchwork bx_digital V2,?bx_dynEQ v2,?bx_XL V2,?bx_optoPedal,?bx_refinement Melodyne Anthology Bundle Pheonixverb, R2, Excalibur ARC 2 Advanced Room Correction System d2 Equalizer, d3 Compressor Alloy 2, Insight, Nectar 2, Ozone 5, RX4 Advanced, Trash 2 PCM Native Reverb Plug-in Bundle EQ4, EQ2 L2007 Limiter Everything Pack 6 All Melda Production plugins Channel Strip Character, Vocal Enhancer Quiet Art Wave Rider 3, Defaulter RP-Delay, RP-Verb FG-X?Virtual?Mastering Console, Virtual Mix Rack, Virtual Tape Machines Dynamics Compressor, EQ Equalizer, Inflator Loudness Maximizer, Fraunhofer mp3 Pro-Codec,Transmod Transient Modulator All Soundtoys v5 plugins Source Connect Pro, Source Live, Source Talkback Revoice Pro Dialog Mercury & Studio Classics Bundles Trackspacer 2 Elastique Pitch


Three, Tesco, Vodaphone, BMW, Disney, Wella, British Airways, Habitat, Al Jazeera and many more.


· From £60 / hour

Our prices start from ?50 per hour. This rate includes not only the best value?Voice Over Recording Studio, London but also a highly experienced producer/engineer and any extras such as voice to picture, ftp transfer, Skype, telephone or Source Connect patch and all editing. In addition, we have a roster of?British English voice over artists?on tap, making London Voice Over Studio a one-stop-shop for all your voice over needs. Please contact us to get a quote for your project.


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London Voice Over Studio, Boomtown, Valetta Rd (adj 83), London W3 7TG



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