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The Gizzard Analogue Recording Studio

From £63 / hour · Bow, London

The Gizzard Analogue Recording Studio is a music recording studio located in Bow, London. To contact or book The Gizzard Analogue Recording Studio you can send them a message directly on MusicWise. The team at The Gizzard Analogue Recording Studio will respond to your online booking request quickly within their working hours to answer your questions and discuss your booking. We hope that your recording goes well.

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Full-On Analogue Recording in The East End of London: The Gizzard Analogue Recording Studios London have been rolling tape since 2002. You can find us in Bow East London. The facility was set up by music Producer-Engineer Ed Deegan to focus on working with and developing vintage production techniques. We are a dedicated analogue studio. Working with tape from the tracking stage to the final mix. Analogue Set Up: The recording equipment at Gizzard dates mostly from the late 50?s to the early 70?s. Our control room is kitted out with classic studio recording equipment. Some of which include two Studer A80 tape machines (2? multitrack and 1/4? stereo) along with a vintage one off quadrophonic Alice console originally from the legendary Manor Studios, Virgin Records studio in the 70?s. Monitoring is provided by our excellent sounding BBC near and far-field set up all topped off with a healthy collection of serious outboard and microphones. Studio Layout: All our rooms are spacious and acoustically treated. Our two live areas are particularly well suited to recording musicians live. In addition we offer a superb selection of instruments including vintage amps, drums, keyboards and guitars. See the Studio Gear Page for details.


Mixing Desk
Monitor Speakers
Bass Amps
Guitar Amps
Drum Kit
Analogue Hardware

Mixing Desk

Alice Stancoil 1970?s mixer. The Microphone amplifiers are Transformer, Balanced, Discrete transistor Type class-A. The Desk was designed by Ted Fletcher for The Manor Studios. Virgin records recording studio in the 70?s. Ted Fletcher now runs TFPRO.

Tape Machines

Studer A80 2? Sixteen Track and Studer A80RC?? 1/4? Two Track

Revox PR99 and A700 1/4? for tape FX

Studio Monitoring

BBC Ls5/1a?Main Monitors??

BBC Ls3/5a Near Fields


Gefell UMT70 , AKG 414ULS, AKG D190 x2, AKG D1000,?STC 4038,?CALREC CM1050c x2, CALREC 600?3, BEYER M88 x2, BEYER OPUS 65, BEYER 201, SENNHEISER 421 x2, SHURE SM7, SHURE 545 x3, SHURE SM58, 8SHURE SM62, SHURE SM53 x2, SHURE SM57 x2, EV 635a, EV DS35, AUDIO TECHNICA 2050, 801, 804, AUDIX OM6, OCTAVA 219, REALISTC PZM.

Studio Outboard

Fairchild 658 Reverbertron Reverb, AKG BX10 reverb, Oil Drum Reverb

Two Revox 1/4? tape machines for tape FX.

Gates Level Devil Limiter,?Audio and Design, 1960?s mono Limiter, Alice AM series FET limiters x12,?Valleypeople Dyna-mite stereo limiter, TL 2021 Compressor, TL 5013 EQ. Plus many other housekeeping devices.

Studio Backline

Amplifiers ? Fender Twin Reverb 1970?s, Vox AC30/6, Vox Cambridge 30, 1970?s HH Guitar amp, Kelly (Selmer) Treble and Bass bass head with Custom 15? Cab. Rose Moris valve amp, Bently valve amp, Lasky 1960?s trasistor head.?? ?? Keyboards ? Danemann over strung under damped upright piano, Farfisa Mini Compact Organ, Vox continental Organ, Hammond X5 with Leslie 760, Wurlitzer 200.?? ?? Guitars ? Fender Strat and Jazzmaster. Silver tone.?? ?? Bass ? Fender Precision and Baldwin (Burns) Bass.?? ?? Drums ? 1970?s Premier 4 piece Drum kit with Ludwig 400 or Premier Chrome 2000 snare.?? ?? Cymbals ? Zildjian Avedis and Five Star Super Zyn.


· From £63 / hour

Studio Time

Our daily rates range from ?250 to ?350 per day (VAT not charged) and usually run between 11am ? 7pm. Sessions can be arranged by the hour. Please call or email us to discuss your project so we can offer you the best deal available. Our rates include the following:


Full backline. Piano will be tuned if needed with no extra charge

Full set up before session starts. No waiting around for backline/mics to be set up etc.

Tape Costs

Tape is the only extra cost we charge on top of studio time. If your recording to hard disc you will not need to buy any tape.

Tape is not cheap. So we have rounded our tape costs into user friendly bundles.

Tape costs for around 4 ? 5 songs (around 30 minutes of recording time) ? ?110.

Tape costs for an album (around 60 minutes of recording time) ? ?200.

These bundles include a 1/4? stereo analogue master tape and an archive of your hired 2? multi track tape to digital stems (24 bit 44,100) after your project has been mixed.

If further mixing or tracking is required we will of course hang on to the the tape until you are sure the project has been completed. If you would like to buy all your tape outright you can buy form us or bring your own. You will need at least one of each tape listed here:

2? tape ? ?220 Just over 30 minutes recording time.

1/4? tape ? ?60 Just over 30 minutes recording time.

Small 1/4? reel ? ?30 15 minutes.

We use?RMG 900?tape.


Prices vary on the amount the of tracks/running time mastered.

Album Mastering ? ?300 ? ?350.

EP/Mini Album Mastering ? ?150 ? ?250.

Single track ? ?60.

For more details on mastering see our?Mastering & Digital Recording Page


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Unit 1, 2-4 Crown Close, London, E3 2JQ


Chill Out Space
Filming Allowed
Air Conditioning


All Styles Welcome
Hip Hop
Rhythm And Blues
Electronic Dance Music
Singer Songwriter
Drum And Bass

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