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Online recording studios are becoming increasingly popular, especially since the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus. Technology has come along way and incredible things can be achieved when recording online, and collaborating with the world's recording studio engineers over the Internet. Below we have listed all of the recording studios on MusicWise who offer online recording studio services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Online recording studios are everything you get in a traditional recording studio but online. This means you can record remotely, and work with recording studio engineers anywhere in the world. It also means you can access a huge amount of digital recording equipment. Technology is improving at a rapid rate and online recording studios are becoming increasingly popular.
Online rehearsal and recording is becoming increasingly popular as technology improves and lag times are being reduced. All providers differ, but they are all focused on reducing lag times, which they are doing successfully. This opens up the options when recording enormously.
One of the key benefits of an online recording studio is that you can play remotely from your own home. In the post coronavirus world this is increasingly important. This gets rid of the challenge of carrying heavy equipment around. Additionally online recording studios are generally cheaper because the studio don’t need to pay rent and in many cases they can save money if they are using digital equipment. Lastly, you can work with studio engineers anywhere in the world which opens up your options.
Yes. Just find an online recording studio that suits your needs and contact them directly using the phone number on their studio page or by submitting an enquiry on their studio page. They will respond to you directly to discuss your project and arrange the booking.

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