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Westbourne Rehearsal Studios

From £5 / hour · Royal Oak, London

Westbourne Rehearsal Studios is a music rehearsal studio located in Royal Oak, London. To contact or book Westbourne Rehearsal Studios you can send them a message directly on MusicWise or call the studio on +442031513836. The team at Westbourne Rehearsal Studios will respond to your online booking request quickly within their working hours to confirm your booking or answer your question. We hope you have a great rehearsal.

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Call +442031513836



Open: 10:00 - 23:00

Westbourne Rehearsals offers 4 rehearsal rooms of between 200 and 450 sq feet £5-£13 p.h. Central London W2 location - but outside congestion zone.


Guitar Amps
Bass Amps
Drum Kit

Westbourne Rehearsals offers 4 rehearsal rooms of between 200 and 450 sq feet.

  • Air-conditioning (cooling and de-humidifying)
  • Free WiFi
  • Full-length mirrors with optional drapes
  • Fully carpeted floors and choice of lighting
  • Acoustics - all PAs have room equalisation with studio design by Grant Thompson Audio
  • Spares shop
  • Soft drinks
  • Free tea / instant coffee / herbal tea

We offer 25 cupbords from £3 - £12 per week. The larger cupboards are suitable for a cased drumkit, the smaller ones would accommodate a small guitar amp and several guitars. The storage area is protected by two burglar alarms, one of which is centrally stationed with Police response. In addition, each customer has a separate individually locked cupboard with no sharing.


· From £5 / hour

** Special rates for musicians rehearsing alone ** Mon - Fri 10am - 6:30pm £5.50 PER HOUR

( £6.50 if using studio drum kit ) Hourly Rates at Westbourne Studios

General prices - £10 - £13 per hour

PA information & Equipment List

Prices shown include optional charge of £1 per hour for full PA and amplification. PA equipment is mobile and typically includes the following: Desks by Mackie and Soundcraft Speakers by Bose and Toa Monitoring by Yamaha / Peavey / JBL

  • All PAs include:2 x 31 band graphics
  • 3 Shure SM58 mics (more if required)
  • CD player
  • Digital effects / reverb
  • Marshall JCM 800 or 900 valve guitar amp
  • Laney RB6 160 watt bass amp
  • Roland Jazz Chorus 120 watt guitar amp
  • Fender 212 100 watt guitar amp
  • Peavey 130 watt bass amp
  • Fender Rumble 150W bass amp

Additional Price information

Well maintained Premier XPK drum kits (black wood lacquer shells, cast rims, ISO tom mounts, wooden snare) are rented at £2.75 per hour. The kits are rented with full hardware, four cymbals, pedals, hi hats etc. We offer equipment hire of guitar, bass - £2 p.h. ea.  keyboards inc. 88 key weighted piano keyboard - £3 per hour ea. Late cancellation (less than 48hrs notice) will be charged at 80% of the full rate.


Westbourne Rehearsal Studios The Rear Basement, 92-98 Bourne Terrace, Little Venice, London, W2 5TH


Air Conditioning
Solo Practice Rooms

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