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Hi there, welcome to the home of recording studios in the UK. Many of the world's greatest artists have recorded in the UK, and there are hundreds of recording studios across the country for all types of artists. To find the perfect recording studio for you, use the filters below to search by price, location, equipment, and facilities. Or you can jump forward recording studios in London, Podcast studios, and drum recording studios.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We created MusicWise to make it easy to find studios in the UK and abroad. The best way to start is by searching on this page using your specific location. We will then show you all of the recording studios in the UK near you. You can then use the filters on to find the perfect studio in the UK for you. For example, you can filter by vocal booth recording studios, or recording studios for bands. Once you have found a few studios in the UK that suit your needs you can contact the them directly from the studio page.
Everyone’s requirements are different, so there is a studio in the UK for everyone. Bands, artists, and companies all have different requirements from a good recording studio. However there are some consistencies in what we recommend you look out for in a good recording studio in the UK. Find a studio that fits your budget first of all. In London for example you can find a recording studio which charges around £350 per day on average. In our experience a good recording studio will work with you as an artist collaboratively. The objective of working with a recording studio - if you are a musician - is to achieve the greatest record possible. Therefore, you should be able to clearly communicate with the engineer the sound you are trying to produce. We find that the best recording studios are collaborative and also, crucially, knowledgeable. Have a look at the equipment available at the recording studio. The best Studios in the UK have very expensive equipment available for you to use, including both digital and analogue equipment.
Studios in the UK differ enormously based on the equipment that they have available. All studios in the UK will have basic equipment such as microphones and software. However there is a huge range of equipment available for studios to buy including digital equipment, analogue equipment, thousands of microphones, and different types of outboards for example. The best way to check what equipment the studio has is by looking at the studio page on MusicWise to get a sense of the equipment available. We recommend contacting the studio to ask any specific equipment questions.
The main types of studios in the UK include classic recording studios for bands, drum recording studios, podcast recording studios, and vocal recording studios. There are of course many other types of recording studio. In most cases artists will be looking for a standard type of recording studio, and what will be important to them is the styles of music that the studio specialise in, the equipment that is available, and of course the location and the price. You can find details about all of our UK recording studios on MusicWise by looking on the studio page.
There are recording studios in every city in the UK. Unsurprisingly most of these are found in London. And interestingly many of these are found in North East London. Generally we find that recording studios are located outside of the city centre due to high rent prices in centre of most cities. Because most recording studios are in London, this is where you are most likely to find the right recording studio for you. However we are adding new recording studios in the UK every day to MusicWise, to help you find the perfect recording studio near you.
Everybody has a different idea of what the best recording studio in the UK is. For example a metal band may want to record with a recording studio engineer who specialises in heavy metal music, and has worked with an impressive list of metal bands before. Equally, someone looking to record a podcast has very different requirements. However there are some consistencies between good recording studios. We believe it makes a big difference if you have a good communication with the recording studio engineer. Having a good relationship with the engineer is a big factor in realising the sound that’s in your head. From a more practical perspective, look out for facilities like a good chill out space to relax after you’ve been recording, Wi-Fi, parking space, amenities nearby the studio. All of these things may sound trivial but they can make a huge difference when you’re recording for extended periods.
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