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If you are looking for a studio engineer please enter your location and we will show all of the recording studios near you. Many of these come with a studio engineer and you can contact them directly through MusicWise. In the near future we will list individual studio engineers but in the meantime you can contact the studios.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A studio engineer is someone who records, mixes, and often masters music for artists. In a recording studio it will usually be the engineer who sets up the microphones and the entire setup for recording. They will manage the music software that records the music and mix the track. Studio engineers are highly skilled and technical professionals with a good ear and excellent understanding of music technology.
There are a few different routes to becoming a studio engineer. You can study to become a studio engineer at a college or university, or by studying a course. Many studio engineers are self taught from a young age and have developed an extensive understanding of a huge amount of equipment and different approaches to achieve a certain sound. Finally, some start out as apprentices and learn as juniors within the industry. Soon MusicWise will list music courses including courses to become a studio engineer so please keep an eye out!
If you enter your location we will show all of the recording studios near you. Once you have found a studio you like you can contact the studio by calling the number or sending an enquiry. This is generally the best way to contact the studio engineer. Many of the recording studios listed on MusicWise are run by independent studio engineers.
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