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We are often asked ‘Where can I find recording studios near me?’ So we created this page for you. To find local recording studios just enter your location. You can do this by pressing 'Allow' when the page asks to use your location, or by entering your location in the field below. Once you have found recording studios you like, you can contact them directly or save them to your profile, so next time you come to MusicWise all of your favourite studios will be in one place

Here are some helpful links if you would like to skip forward to UK recording studios, recording studios in London, recording studios in East London and recording studios in West London. We hope you find the perfect recording studio for your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right recording studio really depends on your requirements. We have made it easy to find the right studio with our filters, enabling you to filter studios by price, location, music genre, facilities, equipment and more. On some recording studio pages you will also find a showreel where you can listen to examples of the studios previous work. This is a quick and easy way to get a sense of the styles the studio have worked in before, and how your tracks might sound at the end. We recommend looking closely at the photos of the studio - does it have the right atmosphere for you? Some people like cosy recording studios, others like them to be bright, clean and airy. Lastly, take a look at the recording studio’s equipment section on their page. Do they have everything you need? Many studios list all of their equipment on their page. However, if you would like to know if they have a specific piece of equipment or instrument it is best to contact the studio and ask them directly. Equipment lists often change so it is best to check whether they have the equipment you are interested in.
Sorry you haven’t found local recording studios. At MusicWise we are expanding as quickly as possible, to help you find more music services. If you would like to help us expand to your area, please just send us an email to In the meantime, we recommend checking whether you can travel to any of the recording studios listed on MusicWise
The most common services at recording studios are recording, mixing and mastering. This is the standard process that most musicians go through when creating a single or album for release. However recording studios offer many additional services including co-writing, pre production, recording studio experiences and parties, podcast recording, dry hire, and record label services. All of these services - where applicable - are listed on MusicWise, to help you find the perfect recording studio.
Finding a good local recording studio really depends on your needs, preferences, and budget. To help you find the right recording studio we enable you to filter studios based on the equipment they have, their pricing, their location, services among other filtering options. Soon you will be able to read ratings and review of studios listed on MusicWise, because we are collecting them from our users who book studios. In London we find that many recording studios are located in North London and East London, partly due to the high levels of creativity in these areas. This is also due to the high rent prices in central London, moving studios slightly out of the city centre, which is also the case in many cities.
Every recording studio experience is different. However, the standard process begins with a conversation with the studio owner or engineer. During this initial conversation you will establish whether you are right for each other. Factors that will inform this include your budget, the style of music or nature of your project and the studio’s availability. Once you have agreed to record with a studio, there will be some conversation about how to prepare for the day of recording. You may like to confirm if specific pieces of equipment are available, and what instruments are available to play. When you arrive, if you are in a band, the process often starts with the recording of the drums. Setting up microphones for drum kits, along with the tuning, can be time consuming. So ensure that you give yourself enough time to setup and pack down - you often won’t just walk in and start recording! When you have finished recording, the engineer will often mix and master the songs for you. However this is something to discuss with the studio and ask when you enquire though MusicWise.
Many recording studios only accept projects of three or more songs. This is because very short projects can block out a full day for them, which could have been booked by another musician for a full day. However, some recording studios do offer short recording sessions, particularly for vocals and voice overs. This is something you should make clear in your enquiry notes when you contact the studio on MusicWise. Many studios also stipulate on their studio page whether they accept short bookings.
As you would imagine recording studios come at a variety of prices. The price is usually informed by the location of the recording studio, whether the studio has worked with prestigious clients, and how big your project is. Most studios offer reduced rates for longer bookings, of an album for example. However, to give you a ballpark, you should expect to pay around £350 per day for a recording studio in London. The rates of all of our recording studios are listed on the studio’s page on MusicWise. You can also search and filter results by their price.

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