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Dean Street Studios

From £56 / hour · Soho, London

Dean Street Studios is a music recording studio located in Soho, London. To contact or book Dean Street Studios you can send them a message directly on MusicWise. The team at Dean Street Studios will respond to your online booking request quickly within their working hours to answer your questions and discuss your booking. We hope that your recording goes well.

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"Dean Street Studios is my kind of studio. Why? Because I built it in 1979. It is still going strong, hardly changed except it's prettier. The sound is better than ever (a combo of retro and modern) and the Soho atmosphere is extremely conducive for making great records." - TONY VISCONTI Welcome to Dean St. Studios - located in London's vibrant Soho district - where music legends David Bowie, T Rex and The Moody Blues recorded their hits from the 1970s onwards. Our studios are equipped to handle any project you bring to us; from music production and mixing to TV and film audio post and composition. Dean St. Studios is a creative hub for musicians and production professionals looking to develop their projects in a relaxed, state-of-the-art studio environment. We pride ourselves on providing a very private environment for our clients! The control room houses an SSL Duality alongside choice pieces of outboard gear, whilst the live room features various instruments and equipment both vintage and modern. We believe that modern recording requires a different approach on both sides of the glass, looking to strike the balance between old techniques and new technologies. Running alongside our 48 channel SSL Duality we also have 30 additional mic pre's including 16 vintage Neve's as well as various compressors, EQs and effects processors. This mentality of old-meets-new carries over into our 650 sq ft live room which houses all manner of vintage and modern guitars, amps and pedals. Our keyboard collection is of a similar pedigree, including a 100+ yr old Bechstein, a 1970 Hammond C3, (complete with original Leslie) new Mellotron M4000 and George Harrison's original Harmonium. So no more unexpected hire fees! It goes without saying that the SSL is perfectly suited to any mixing project you can throw at it; particularly if you make use of the palette of different coloration's that the outboard racks can deliver. Residential packages are available upon request


Guitar Amps
Bass Amps
Drum Kit
Upright Piano
Grand Piano
Baby Grand Piano
Monitor Speakers
Keyboard Stand
Drum Breakables
Music Stand
Analogue Hardware
Microphone Preamp
Master Clocks
Digital Converters
MIDI Controller
Headphone Amp
Reflection Filters
Pop Filters
Audio Interface
Digital Audio Workstation
Microphone Stands
Mixing Desk
Vocal Booth
8 track digital recording
  • Console
    • SSL Duality SE 48 channel
  • DAW
    • Apogee Big Ben Master Clock
    • Apple Mac Pro 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 12GB RAM x2
    • Avid Magma Expansion Chassis
    • Avid Pro Tools HDX
    • Benchmark ADC1/DAC1 Converters
    • Crane Song HEDD 192 Stereo AD/DA
    • SSL Alphalink 24 analog i/o (x2)
    • SSL XLogic Delta-Link Madi-HD Interface
  • Monitoring
  • ADAM Audio S3A Active Studio Monitors (at request)
  • ADAM Audio Sub12 Active Studio Subwoofer
      • ATC SCM50ASL Pro Loudspeakers
  • Yamaha NS10M Monitors (Crown XLS402 AMP)
      • Headphones
    • AKG K182 Closed-Back Monitor Headphones (x4)
  • Beyerdynamic DT100 Studio Headset (x3)
  • Beyerdynamic DT150 Headphones (x4)
      • Beyerdynamic DT770 Studio Headphones (x2)
  • Hear Technologies Hear Back Personal Monitor Mixer System (x5)
      • Hear Technologies Hear Back Hub
    • MTR HPA6 Headphone amp
  • Mic Preamps and Equalisers
    • Neve 1073 Vintage King Audio Mic Preamp (x8)
  • Chandler Limited TG2 EMI Special Edition Mic Preamp
      • Wunder PA Four Mic Preamp
    • Shadow Hills Golden Age Mic Preamp (x8)
    • Kush Audio Clariphonic EQ
  • Dynamics
    • Anamod AM670 Compressor
    • Chandler Limited TG1 Stereo Compressor Abbey Road Special Edition
    • DBX 266 Dual Compressor
  • Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor/Limiter
      • Empirical Labs EL8-XS Distressor Compressor/Limiter (x2)
    • SPL Transient Designer 4 Channel
    • Universal Audio 1176 Compressor (x2)
    • Universal Audio LA-3A Compressor
    • Universal Audio Teletronix LA2A Compressor
  • Reverbs
    • Bricasti M7 Stereo Reverb Processor (x2) with controller
  • Delays and FX Processors
    • Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man
    • Eventide Space Reverb Pedal
    • MXR Analogue Delay
    • MXR micro amp Gain pedal
  • Roland RE-201 Space Echo
  • Microphones
    • AKG 414
    • AKG D 112
    • Coles 4038 Ribbon (x2)
    • Crowley & Tripp El Diablo Ribbon
    • DPA 4061
  • Electrovoice RE 20
      • Geffell M300 (x2)
    • Joe Meek JM47
    • Josephson C42 SDC (x2)
    • Josephson e22S
    • Lucas CS-1 Condensor
    • Neumann KM 84
  • Neumann U 87 Ai (x4)
      • Peluso 2247 SE (NOS Telefunken tube)
    • Placid Audio The Copperphone
    • Royer R 121
    • Royer SF-24 Ribbon
    • Sennheiser 421 (x3)
    • Shure 520DX Green Bullet (x2)
    • Shure SM 7b (x2)
    • Shure 55SH
  • Shure Beta 57A (x5)
      • Shure Beta 87A (x2)
  • Shure SM57 (x2)
  • Shure SM58 (x3)
  • Sontronics STC-1 (x2)
      • Wunder Audio CM7 Tube
    • Yamaha Subkick
    • sennheiser e840 (x4)
  • DIs
    • A-Designs REDDI Tube DI Box
    • Little Labs PCP Instrument Distro 3.0 Instrument Splitter/DI/Re-amper
    • Radial JD7 Injector Signal Distribution Amplifier
    • Smart Research Guitar DI Deluxe System
  • Guitars and Basses
    • Epiphone Sheraton
    • Fender Mustang Bass
    • Fender Telecaster
    • Gibson Firebird
    • Gibson J200 Acoustic
    • Gibson J45 Acoustic Guitar
    • Gibson SG
    • Rickenbacker 12 12-sting
    • Rickenbacker 4001 Bass
  • Keyboard and Synthesisers
    • B. Squire Upright (Tack) Piano
    • Bechstein Grand Piano
    • Hammond C3
    • Harmonium
    • Korg Kronos X61
    • Korg microKORG
    • Leslie 122 Speaker Cabinet
    • Roli Seaboard Rise
    • Schoenhut Toy Piano
    • Wurlitzer 200
  • Drums
    • ludwig snare Vintage silver
    • Ludwig Black Beauty Snare Drum
    • Craviotto Snare
    • Premier Drum Kit
  • Backline
    • Ampeg B-15N
    • Blackstar HT Studio 20
    • Fender '59 Bassman
    • Fender Blues Junior Combo (x2)
    • Gibson Super Goldtone (x2)
    • Laney VC50
    • Marshall Class 5
    • Marshall JCM 800 Head
    • Marshall JTM45
    • Marshall Woodstcok 1960 4x12
    • Orange AD-30 Head
    • Orange Tiny terror
    • Sound City 20 C
    • Vox AC15
    • Vox AC30 (x2)
    • Vox VT15
  • Guitar Pedals
    • Korg DT-10 Tuner
  • PA
    • RCF ART310-A Reference Speaker
  • Plugins
    • AIR Creative Collection
    • Antares Auto-Tune Live
    • Antares Auto-Tune+Time 7
    • Audio Ease Altiverb 7
    • Brainworx modus EQ BX1
    • Celemony Melodyne 4 Assistant
    • FabFilter Pro-DS
    • FabFilter Pro-G
    • FabFilter Pro-L
    • FabFilter Pro-MB
    • FabFilter Pro-Q 2
    • FabFilter Saturn
    • FabFilter Volcano 2
    • FabFilter pro-C2
    • Massey DRT Drum Replacement Tool
    • Massey De:Esser
    • Massey L2007 Mastering Limiter
    • Massey TD5 Tape delay
    • Massey THC Distortion Stompbox
    • Massey TapeHead Saturator
    • Massey vt3 3-band Equalizer
    • Native Instruments Kontakt 4 Player
    • Slate Digital Everything Bundle
    • Slate Digital Trigger 2
    • Softtube Saturation Knob Saturation
    • Sonnox Oxford EQ
    • SoundToys 5
    • Synchro Arts VocALign Pro
    • Valhalla Plate
    • Valhalla Room
    • Valhalla Vintage Verb
    • Wavemachine Labs Drumagog 5
    • Waves Horizon
    • Waves Kramer Master Tape
    • Waves One Knob Pumper


Recent Clients: Take That Adele Sigma Florence + The Machine Wolf Alice Tom Odell James Arthur Ed Sheeran Paul Weller Kaiser Chiefs JLS John Legend Kelly Rowland Cee Lo Green Alfie Boe Robert Plant

Sam Sparro Alexandra Burke Reverend and the Makers BBC SBTV Broken Bells/Danger Mouse Dan Croll Rebecca Ferguson Alexandra Burke Nines Will Young Rhys Lewis Dionne Bromfield Fleetwood Mac (Live Mix) Dave Stewart Paul Epworth Steve Levine Lady Gaga The Weekend Miguel Example Flux Pavilion The Devine Comedy Femi Kuti Grace Tracey Ullman Desperate Journalist Yoad Nevo The Vaccines Cover Drive Suggs Fun Lovin’ Criminals Birdy Plan B Miles Kane The Wanted Paloma Faith Kelly Rowland Beverley Knight Mo Evans Marc Almond George Ezra Hudson Taylor Gabrielle Aplin Alexander Wolfe Idris Elba The Milk Keri Hilson Bonobo Jamelia General Roots Dennis Bovell Boy George Culture Club Hollie Cook Il Divo ‘The Great Gatsby’ OST (Warner Bros) Dead Rocky NTI Chronixx Notion magazine Joey Tempest (Europe) Xam Volo


· From £56 / hour
· 4 hours minimum booking
· Minimum booking value: £225

There are 3 studios available for hire at Dean St Studios, which range from £450 per day to £2,000 per day. We have a minimum booking of half a day, and our minimum booking value is £450. If this is within your budget, please contact us for a quote.


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59 Dean Street, Soho, London W1D 6AN


Air Conditioning


All Styles Welcome
Hip Hop
Rhythm And Blues
Electronic Dance Music
Singer Songwriter
Drum And Bass

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